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Rani Plast Mari career story-2

Mari Myllymäki

Film blower

When Mari Myllymäki started working as a film blower in the agriculture department, she didn’t know much about Rani Plast. She says it is as if a whole new world has opened for her.
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Kai Vesala

Kai Vesala

Product Development Engineer

Product Development Engineer Kai Vesala has been with the Rani family for 27 years and knows the company’s products inside out.
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Rani Plast Auli Jylha career story-2

Auli Jylhä

Account Manager

Rani Plast's family-owned status and good reputation inspired Auli to join the team.
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Rani Plast Hans Brinks career story-2

Hans Brinks

Technical sales manager, Central Europe

Hans is the right person to deal with farmers as he is able to speak their language.
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Rani Plast Johanna Kuusela career story-2

Johanna Kuusela

HSQE expert

Johanna's previous experiences brings a wealth of knowledge to Rani Plast and its HSQE team.
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Rani Plast-Mika Lammi uratarina-2

Mika Lammi

Production manager

Mika started working at Rani ten years ago right after finishing his studies, and was recently promoted to Production Manager.
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