Award-winning repellent protects bales from bird and rodent attack

An ingenious bale-wrapping stretch film with a non-toxic, ecological additive designed to repel birds and rodents, is being launched by Rani Plast this spring.

Bales wrapped with the new product, called RaniRepel, are provided with protection from attack by crows, ravens, rats and mice, which can devastate stocks.

The repellent granules, which are extruded into the film during manufacture, contain substances which are offensive to birds and rodents, but do not cause any harm to animals or affect silage quality.

Rani Plast has listened closely to its farming clients who have identified the effects of bale-degradation caused by bird and rodent attack and has responded with the new product. Damaged bale wrapping can lead to expensive and time-consuming repair for farmers or the complete loss of stock. RaniRepel aims to dramatically reduce this risk.

The non-toxic repellent additive is approved by EU regulatory bodies, meets biocidal regulations and can be recycled. The repellent has already won awards in a number of countries.

Extensive field trials have already seen reductions in rodent and bird attack with famers reporting significantly less damage to bales after wrapping with RaniRepel.