A whole new dimension for the stretch hood


RaniStretchHood is a popular and well-known packaging product that has been around for some time as a vertical model suitable for palletised products. Now RaniStretchHood has gained a whole new dimension with a new film product for horizontal packaging lines.

IMAGINE a packaging line where long products, such as doors, plasterboard and timber, are easily and automatically wrapped into a package without any manual work at all. This was the vision of the machine manufacturer Tentoma, whose idea inspired Rani Plast to develop the RaniStretchHood film, suitable for horizontal packaging.

“Previously there were no automatic packaging lines for long products at all, and many of our customers felt the need for one. As a result of our close cooperation with product development, our new packaging machines and Rani Plast’s stretch film are a perfect fit, and the system as a whole, matches our original vision and our customers’ wishes,” says the satisfied CEO of Tentoma, Henrik Raunkjær.

SUITABLE FOR ALL kinds of industries, this packaging method is based on using an elastic film, which is stretched open during the packaging process as it is placed over the product and, when released, the plastic hugs the product inside.

“The horizontal RaniStretchHood film removes the need for manual work. Long products can now be packed automatically which speeds up the product line,” says Tom Wikman.

“At the same time as creating a horizontal model of the stretch hood film, we improved its technical specifications. Now the film is also available with a high-friction surface, which is extremely useful in the sawmill industry, for example, where packages are stored and transported in stacks,” says Rani Plast’s Tom Vikman.

“The stretch feature generates savings in material costs because less film is needed for packing wide products. We have carried out projects for the insulation industry, for example, which showed a reduction of up to a third in material consumption. These new packaging materials are also fully recyclable and save a lot of space,” Vikman continues.

RANI PLAST is famous for its wide film but stretch hood film is also in demand because it is available with multi-colour printing.

“Our customers almost always want their own logo on the packaging film, and Rani Plast is one of the few suppliers of film in the world who can print on such wide film. Our cooperation works because we complement each other’s know-how and we share the common goal of creating as good a product package as possible, one that includes both high-quality film and a packaging machine. That’s why I have strong faith in our continued partnership far into the future,” Raunkjær sums up.